Services Overview

The dawn of the information era has had a dramatic influence on the way that business decision making is conducted. Traditionally, decision making was an art that relied heavily on intuition and past experience. However, old-fashioned methods of decision making and management are progressively challenged by the diverse range of opportunities and threats that characterise the modern economic environment.

Proponents of traditional decision science are increasingly finding their methods to be inadequate, as these methods are largely reactive and generally slow to adapt to new challenges. For the modern enterprise, personal experience and insight are no longer sufficient. A greater emphasis should be placed on advanced analytics to support and improve the quality of decisions that are made.

Traditional Approach Modern Approach
Relies on instinct and intuition Fact and data driven
Reactive correction Proactive management
Slow turnaround on decisions Quick, efficient decision making

Implementing modern analytics requires a strong set of information technology and statistical skills. Quantivation offers tailored solutions over all facets of the data mining cycle, enabling us to provide complete solutions that optimally support the client’s decision making process. As a leading consultancy, we stay on the forefront of industry accepted best practices and methodologies.

Our Service Offering

All projects are started with a comprehensive review of the business requirements, as well as the characteristics of the environment in which the project’s output will be used. This is done to assess the full scope of the project, as well as to properly align the project with the business environment.

At Quantivation, we are well experienced with consolidating, cleaning and formatting data from various sources. Ensuring proper due diligence in this phase is important, as data is often collected for a different purpose as that for analysis. All projects are dealt with in the utmost level of integrity and we employ various firewalls to ensure that the confidentiality of our clients’ data is maintained at all time.

The successful application of advanced analytics requires creative thinking and innovation. Off the shelf solutions are likely to yield less than favourable results, as they fail to capture the unique characteristics that accompany every business case. At Quantivation, we partner with our clients to leverage the benefits of analytics for improved, profitable growth.