Our analytics solutions offering

The modern business environment is becoming increasingly complex and corporations are constantly on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Traditional business intelligence (BI) has made large inroads into providing decision makers with an overview of operational performance by collating relevant information from the vast amounts of data collected by everyday information systems.

While BI tools such as data exploitation and operational reporting provide good insight into the present and past, knowing what has happened is no longer sufficient. In order to remain ahead, leaders need to know what is likely to happen and what appropriate actions they should take in such an event. Business analytics provides your company with the ability to move beyond business intelligence.

Business Intelligence Business Analytics
What happened? Why did it happen?
When? Will it happen again?
Who? What will happen if we change x?
How many? What else does the data tell us that never thought to ask?

Quantivation’s all-inclusive analytics offering can be tailored to optimally support your exact business needs. Amongst other, we provide the following services:

  • Business consulting
  • Data processing
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • Data mining
  • Predictive modelling
  • Simulation studies

To prosper in today’s challenging economic environment, you need reliable, fact-based answers. Our analytics solutions are designed to empower your business to move forward. Partnering with Quantivation will allow you the experience the benefits of:

  • Timeous availability of factual information needed to move ahead (and stay ahead) of competitors.
  • Continuous advancement of business processes.
  • The ability to solve complex problems and profit from new opportunities.
  • Enhanced business performance and value creation

Business analytics enables you to move from the reactive approach of BI, to a more proactive approach, which enables your organisation to mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities. A partnership with Quantivation can enhance your existing BI solution or be of value if you do not have a BI solution in place. Incorporating business analytics tools will empower your company to make better decisions, faster.